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5thRound.co.uk was launched on 15th February, 2012 and is an MMA blog focusing primarily on the UFC from a UK fight fans perspective. It was born from a passion for the sport, and from a desire to share views and opinions with other MMA enthusiasts from around the UK and the rest of the world.

The site won’t be first to breaking news, won’t be coming up with exclusive interviews or never-seen-before footage. 5th Round is all about fans opinion on the sport we all love, and to encourage discussion and debate between like-minded followers of Mixed Martial Arts.


Our Writers

Peter Dyke has been a fan of fight sports since his teens and was introduced to the UFC by a friend in 2006. For his day job, he works for Discovery Learning as an online personal trainer courses teacher. Since first becoming involved ten years ago, MMA has grown into one of his greatest interests and most enjoyable hobbies. Born in Salford, Manchester, and raised as a Man Utd fan during the highly unsuccessful periods of the 80′s, MMA and the UFC have now taken pride of place alongside his beloved Manchester United as his favourite sports enterprise.

Peter also runs another website and has wrote for a number of Manchester United fan publications, most recently for thefaithfulmufc.com. He is a member of British Mensa and is starting to study for a degree in Mathematics through the Open University. His most proud achievements to date are marrying his wife, Natalie, and the birth of their daughter, Sophia.

Enter the Classics: Nogueira v Emelianenko

In this new series here at 5th Round we will be looking back at some classic matches that you may not have seen. We will be looking at fights from promotions such as Pride FC, Bodog, EliteXC, Affliction, Bellator, Strikeforce and any others we can think of. These videos may not contain the most well known fighters but they’ll definitely be memorable

Chael Sonnen: The Great Pretender?

With the UFC 148 event just one week away, the expected hype of Silva vs Sonnen II is in full swing. The majority of martial artists and martial arts fans alike see one person and one person only walking out with the ‘W’ and that’s The Spider.

Now we all know his pedigree and what he’s capable of but what do we know about his counterpart?

Interview with John Albert from Ultimate Fighter: Bisping/Miller

Today we’re talking with John “Prince” Albert. John is an Ultimate Fighter: Bisping/Miller alumni who recently lost by submission on the Ultimate Fighter Live finale. While his record is now officially 1-2, Dana White doesn’t see it that way. In fact Dana so strongly disagreed with the way the fight ended that he publicly denounced the decision and gave John his win bonus mere minutes after the fight was over.